Guidelines for Oral Presentation (Award ,Free, Ideas and Innovations)

  • Registration for conference is mandatory for free and award paper presenters.
  • Time allotted for free and award papers is 6 minutes for presentation and 2 minutes for discussion/ question and answers.
  • Ideas and Innovations session: Time allotted is 3 minutes + 1 minute for question and answer.
  • For award papers : Please do not reveal the identity of your institution in any way.
  • Presenters are expected to stick to the time allotted strictly.
  • Presentations to be made in MS office Power point presentation ( any format will do, Mac or windows).
  • Aspect ratio of slides to be maintained at 16:9.
  • Presenters will not be allowed to use their own laptop during the presentation.
  • Videos should be AVI or MPEG format.
  • Presentations should be uploaded and checked atleast 2 hours prior to the time of presentation.
  • All presentations will be held in the main hall.

Guidelines for E- Poster

  • Registration for conference is mandatory.
  • Format of the presentation must be MS office power point (Mac or windows is fine).
  • There can be a maximum of 4 slides in the poster.
  • The slides should be on auto slideshow format.
  • Aspect ratio to be maintained at 16:9.
  • All animations must be on autoplay mode.
  • Please do not reveal the identity of your institution as this is an award section.
  • Kindly mail the posters to by 18.03.2020 so they can be uploaded at the beginning of conference itself.
  • They can also be Uploaded at the venue from 10 AM on 20.03.2020 to 1 PM on 21.03.2020.
  • Posters uploaded after 1 PM on 21-03-2020 will not be considered for award.
  • Candidates need not be present at the poster site and awards will be decided based completely on the substance in the poster.